Pura Vida Honey, Raw & 100% Biological - 110ml

Pura Vida Honey, Raw & 100% Biological - 110ml

Raw & 100% Biological

Honey offers countless benefits internally and externally, rich with natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals which sustain life. RAW honey has been used for medicinal purposes for 1000’s of years. Our liquid gold. The original healing infusion. Honey is a natural super-food. Raw honey contains traces of propolis, pollen and lipids.


Our honey is RAW, it has not been through any heat processes or filtering to remove beneficial phytonutrients, pollen and enzyme-rich propolis. Scientifically proven to help with allergies, diabetes, sleep problems, coughs and wound healing.


Has your honey gone hard or crystallized? Did you know that is a sign of high quality honey? Dont throw it out, unless you like to waste delicious food. Honey even crystallizes when still in the comb, and also when the temperatures reach below 10 degrees.


The crystallization takes happens because honey is a saturated solution of two sugars: glucose and fructose, so it is a natural process that some of the sugars will come out of the solution.

To stop or at least slow the crystallization process down, you will need to store your honey in a warmer place and not in a cold kitchen cabinet. You can also gently heat the honey in a double-boiler but its must not reach temperatures higher then 30 degrees.


Our RAW honey is unfiltered, which means the honey still contains pollen, propolis and wax from the hive, the pollen gets stuck to the bees while they feed and ends up entering the hive. This speeds up crystallization as there are more particles for the sugars to stick to and form the white crystal deposits.