Pura Vida Balms

Pura Vida Balms

Pura Vida has combined the natural strength of nature to bring you maximised healing benefits in one balm.


The intention was to create a natural balm that can be used for an extensive list of ailments and complaints effecting the skin, joints, muscles and more. These balms are applied topically to provide localised relief of pain, soreness and inflammation. Different ingredients offer different benefits depending on their natural medicinal properties. 


Pura Vida Balm is hand-made and can be used to help lessen the effect of different aliments relating to the skin. From dry and chapped lips, skin lesions, muscle tension and pain, wounds, scars and wrinkles, this multi-purpose balm can be used for almost anything on your skin.


NO hidden ingredients, NO synthetic chemicals, NO alcohols, NO silicone, NO artificial colouring, NO flavouring agents, NO artificial skin softeners