OstroVit Collagen + Vitamin C 400 g

OstroVit Collagen + Vitamin C 400 g

OstroVit Collagen + Vitamin C is the highest quality dietary supplement created for people who need aromas, sweeteners and other preservatives. A conditioner dedicated to physically active people and those who have an increased demand for collagen and vitamin C.

The addition of L-ascorbic acid helps in even more favourable collagen synthesis to ensure the proper functioning of cartilage, skin, gums and blood vessels of our body.

Two variants of 200 and 400 g of product

Suitable for 20 and 40 servings per container

Collagen enriched with L-ascorbic acid (essential vitamin C)

High vitamin C content

Delicious flavors in the TRUE TASTE line!

OstroVit Collagen + Vitamin C

OstroVit Collagen + Vitamin C conditioner consists of two active ingredients that complement each other, and supplementation with them ideally supports the operation of our osteoarticular apparatus, ensures muscle maintenance and the proper functioning of articular cartilage.

Hydrolyzed collagen - is a protein found in our body in virtually all tissues. It builds our tendons, skin, joints and bones. Responsible for the production of synovial fluid, cartilage elasticity and hardness, skin hydration and proper skin renewal. It affects the cohesion, strength and elasticity of connective tissue. It also has a unique ability to bind water, thanks to which the skin maintains proper firmness, elasticity and tension.

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) - is, as the name suggests, an essential organic chemical. It is an exogenous nutrient in the human diet, which is mainly responsible for the proper functioning of connective tissue and bones. Its biologically active form - vitamin C, acts as a reducing agent and coenzyme in several metabolic pathways of the human body. Vitamin C is considered one of the main antioxidants.


The supplement contains easily digestible collagen hydrolyzate of natural origin

Collagen supports the proper functioning of the joints

Collagen maintains proper firmness, elasticity and skin tone

Strengthens our joints and bones

Vitamin C has a beneficial effect on the nervous and immune systems

Vitamin C is directly involved in the production of collagen (builds muscle tissue)

Vitamin C can accelerate muscle regeneration and growth

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that removes excess free radicals from our cells